NIME 2020

We extended our research published in 2019 by looking specifically at Non-Rigid iInterfaces for Musical Expression. The paper will be presented at the NIME 2020 Conference.

Boem, A, Troiano, G.M., Lepri, G, Zappi, V, 2020. Non-Rigid Musical Interfaces: Exploring Practices, Takes and Future Perspective. In Proc. of NIME 2020. [pdf]

Non-rigid interfaces allow for exploring new interactive paradigms that rely on deformable input and shape change, and whose possible applications span several branches of human-computer interaction (HCI). While extensively explored as deformable game controllers, bendable smartphones, and shape-changing displays, non- rigid interfaces are rarely framed in a musical context, and their use for composition and performance is rather sparse and unsystematic. With this work, we start a systematic exploration of this relatively uncharted research area, by means of (1) briefly review- ing existing musical interfaces that capitalize on deformable input, and (2) surveying 11 among experts and pioneers in the field about their experience with and vision on non-rigid musical interfaces. Based on experts’ input, we suggest possible next steps of musical appropriation with deformable and shape-changing technologies. We conclude by discussing how crossovers between NIME and HCI research will benefit non-rigid interfaces.

Non-Rigid Musical Interfaces

These are the deformable musical interfaces whose authors we interviewed.

These are projects and authors who participated in our study. However, you can check a full list of Non-rigid Interfaces for music through the music tag on the homepage of this website.

Additional Materials

Here we make available for download the results of the interviews on which our paper is based.

File Name: Non-Rigid Musical Interfaces: Exploring Practices, Takes, and Future Perspective [.xlsx]