Foldable User Interfaces

This paper presents Foldable User Interfaces (FUI), a combination of a 3D GUI with windows imbued with the physics of paper, and Foldable Input Devices (FIDs). FIDs are sheets of paper that allow realistic transformations of graphical sheets in the FUI. Foldable input devices are made out of construction paper augmented with IR reflectors, and tracked by computer vision. Window sheets can be picked up and flexed with simple movements and deformations of the FID. FIDs allow a diverse lexicon of one-handed and two-handed interaction techniques, including folding, bending, flipping and stacking. We show how these can be used to ease the creation of simple 3D models, but also for tasks such as page navigation.

Credits: Human Media Lab 2008


David T. Gallant, Andrew G. Seniuk, and Roel Vertegaal. 2008. Towards more paper-like input: flexible input devices for foldable interaction styles. In Proceedings of the 21st annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST ’08). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 283-286. DOI:

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