The importance of human-machine interface is widely acknowledged in accordance with the increase of the computer powers. The faster the processing speed becomes, the wider the gap between the computing ability and the accessing ability of humans-to the computer becomes. In human to human communication, we communicate with each other by using not only verbal media but also non-verbal media. Especially information transmitted through the five senses is able to affect. our emotions and feelings directly making for smooth communication. In this paper the development of a new haptic device driven by grasping forces is introduced. Since the device is molded by silicon rubber with the softness of human skin, a user is able-to make hand gestures with his “sense of force” by the transforming manipulations. And the device is able not only to sense user’s twiddling gestures but also to display reactions against the hand gestures by vibration patterns.

Credits: Sawada et al. 1999.


Sawada, Hideyuki, Onoe, Naoyuki, Hashimoto Shuji. 1997. Sounds in Hands: A Sound Modifer using Datagloves and Twiddle Interface. In Proceedings of the 1997 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC’97), San Francisco, CA: ICMA, pp. 309-12. [pdf]

Sawada, Hideyuki, Tsurumaru, Tomofumi, Hashimoto Shuji. 1999. GraspCom A New Haptic Device Driven by Grasping Force. In Proceedings of IPSJ Symposium Series, Vol. 99, No. 4 インタラクション’99論文集, pp. 201-208. ISSN1344ー0640. [pdf]

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