Khronos projector

The Khronos Projector is an interactive-art installation allowing people to explore pre-recorded movie content in an entirely new way. By touching the projection screen, the user is able to send parts of the image forward or backwards in time. By actually touching a deformable projection screen, shaking it or curling it, separate “islands of time” as well as “temporal waves” are created within the visible frame. This is done by interactively reshaping a two-dimensional spatio-temporal surface that “cuts” the spatio-temporal volume of data generated by a movie. From the human-machine interaction point of view, the Khronos-Projector tissue-based deformable screen is a first step towards a tangible human-machine interface capable of sensing the delicacy of a caress – while at the same time able to react in a subtle and natural way, also through tactile feedback.

Credits: Ishikawa Lab 2005


Alvaro Cassinelli and Masatoshi Ishikawa. 2005. Khronos projector. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging technologies (SIGGRAPH ’05), Donna Cox (Ed.). ACM, New York, NY, USA, , Article 10 . DOI=

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