Paper for E-Paper

Our work presents a method to use paper as an input device while reading on a mobile device, where the user turns a physical page in the real world in order to turn a page in the digital world. Our goal in this work is to replicate the feedback and affordances one would receive from a printed book on a mobile device, where to fully replicate the reading experience the user would need to turn pages as they would naturally with a printed book. Through a small study we discovered a number of ways that pages are often turned and these techniques became vital to the project. We describe a prototype device which uses paper as an input device with transparent electrodes and bend sensors embedded to pages, so that the turning and bending of pages can be digitally detected and addressed. The prototype is able to detect the page turns and bends made by the user and the state of each page.

Credits: Bailey et al. 2017


Gavin Bailey, Deepak Sahoo, and Matt Jones. 2017. Paper for E-Paper: Towards Paper Like Tangible Experience using E-Paper. In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS ’17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 446-449. DOI:

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