Project FEELEX

The project has two goals. The first is to provide users with a spatially continuous surface on which they can effectively touch an image using any part of their bare hand, including the palm. The second goal is to present visual and haptic sensation simultaneously by using a single device that doesn’t oblige the user to wear any extra equipment. In order to achieve these goals, we designed a new interface device comprising of a flexible screen, an actuator array and a projector. The actuator deforms the flexible screen onto which the image is projected. The user can then touch the image directly and feel its shape and rigidity. Initially we fabricated two prototypes, and their effectiveness is examined by studying the observations made by anonymous users and a performance evaluation test for spatial resolution

Credits: Iwata et al. 2001


Hiroo Iwata, Hiroaki Yano, Fumitaka Nakaizumi, and Ryo Kawamura. 2001. Project FEELEX: adding haptic surface to graphics. In Proceedings of the 28th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques (SIGGRAPH ’01). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 469-476. DOI:

Project Page

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