The Squeezamin

To honour the oldest and still most widely known and used electronic controller, the Theremin, we sometimes contaminate this name with a word that describes the properties of the instrumentlet.
The Squeezamin allows for manipulating material in the computer by squeezing sponge like material with sensors embedded. It consists of two rigid plates of about 5cm x 5cm, a 3cm thick piece of foam in between, and four sensors placed so that movement down is sensed (lateral movement along one axis) as well as inclination of the top plate (rotations around two other axis). These three DOF’s are usually mapped to volume and panning of four sound tracks, and with switches different sound sets can be selected.

Credits: Bongers 2013


Bongers, Bert, and Harris, Yolande Harris. 2002. A Structured Instrument Design Approach: The Video-Organ. In Proc. Conf. New Instrum. Musical Expression (NIME), University of Limerick, Dublin, Ireland, 2002, pp. 86–91. [pdf]

Bongers, Bert. 2013. Anthropomorphic Resonances: On The Relationship Between Computer Interfaces And The Human Form And Motion. Interacting with Computers, Volume 25, Issue 2, March 2013, Pages 117–132. DOI:

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