Besides this website, there are other interesting online resources for researchers and designers interested in deformable, shape-changing, and Non-Rigid HCI in general.

“Physical representations of data have existed for thousands of years. Now, with advances in digital fabrication, actuated tangible interfaces, and shape-changing displays, a new area of research is emerging: data physicalization. Data physicalization aims to help people explore, understand, and communicate data using computer-supported physical data representations. These representations are called physicalizations, analogously to visualizations – their purely visual counterpart. This wiki provides reading material and a forum for all interested in this topic.”

“This overview of tangible musical interfaces is focusing on surface based instruments, such as music tables, audio building blocks and tangible sonic artifacts, which have been primarily chosen for their conceptual relation to the reactable project. This collection also includes several additional projects, which are somewhat closer to the concept of tangible interfaces rather than simple musical controllers. There are a few categories that roughly classify the various instruments, although some of them might fit into several categories as well. Finally this page also provides a list of musical instruments that have been built using the open source software reacTIVision, or others that have been inspired by the reactable in some way.”

“This is a database of papers at the intersection between Human Computer Interaction and Material Science. We believe that collaboration between fields can lead to an acceleration of research. Our specific goal is to let Human Computer Interaction meet Material Science. In achieving this we want to push the limit of end-user interactive devices and make them malleable and reconfigurable on demand.”


Even if strongly focused on mechanical and force-feedback types of haptic interfaces, this online resource represents a useful reference also for researchers and designers interested in Non-rigid Interactions.